Getting Started

The Harmony Controller - SSLi App provides visibility and analytics for A10 Networks® SSLi services.

The following sections show how to get started with the Harmony SSLi App:

     Launch the SSLi App

     SSLi App Help Center

     SSLi App Usage

Launch the SSLi App

To launch SSLi App from Harmony Controller, follow the below steps:

1.     Login to Harmony Controller.

2.    Select the user account from the drop-down list. The SuperAdmin Root, ControllerTenant, and Staging are some of the options available.

3.    There are three ways to launch SSLi App.

     From the Services > App Services > Launch App.

FIGURE 7: App Services



     From the Services > Logical Partition page. This option is available only if logical partitions are enabled.

     From the Harmony Apps > My Apps page. Click the Kebab menu and select Launch App or directly click the ssli block.

FIGURE 8: Launch Apps


NOTE:                            Disable pop-up blocker to ensure that the window pop-up functions correctly.

SSLi App Help Center

The Help Center has the following quick access links:

        Product Documentation

        Product Demos

        Technical Articles

        Video Tutorials

        White Papers


        Privacy Policy

        End of Sale

Click on the “?” icon on the top-right corner of the application navigation bar to access and explore the feature.



SSLi Apps: Help Center

SSLi App Usage

SSLi App comes with an improved options to centrally deploy and manage SSLi deployments with support for more topologies.

Following navigation tabs are available in SSLi App:

Deployment Wizard

     Users can create Site Groups and Sites within the Deployment Wizard tab using two workflow modes i.e., Guided and Unguided.

     Standard users can select the guided mode, where the user is presented with a series of questions to help in making decision regarding the SSLi deployment.

     Advanced users can select the unguided mode, where user can manually enable SSLi deployment.

     Users can have multiple sites in a single Site Group where every site shares the same SSLi policy & base topology.

     Users can deploy in two modes, Greenfield and Brownfield.

     Greenfield: Thunder with no SSLi service configuration

     Brownfield: Thunder with existing SSLi service configuration

Shared Objects

Shared Objects are an abstraction of the SSLi App configurations. The services and configurations created under Shared Objects can be used and re-used across multiple SSLi policies. Shared Objects tab consists of the following sub-categories:


     Certificates & Keys


     Cert Revocation List

     Configuration Objects

Tagging Manager

Tags are objects abstracts the SSLi network device configuration. Tagging manages the mapping between shared configuration objects used centrally to device-specific configuration objects.


Analytics provides visibility and analytics for A10 Networks® SSLi TLS services.

Service Instance Group

Service instance group provides the app services, service groups, service types, and partitions to be monitored for analytics.


Watchlist provides the detailed analysis of the application and URLs. It also provides a log view tab to view the HTTP, SSLi connection and error logs details.

The illustration below shows the Home Page, Deployment Wizard where user can have multiple Site Groups where every Site in a Site Group shares the same Policy and base Topology.

FIGURE 10: SSLi App Page.



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