Reports and Scheduled Reports

It is recommended that you read the following topics before proceeding:

Reports are emailed periodic summary of that has happened over a fixed period of time in the past and generated periodically at the same time, same day again and again. Adhoc Reports can also be generated for any customized time frame.

Any user can get access to reports. RBAC policies limit who may or may not have access to Report generation or viewing on Harmony. Any non-authenticated user’s email if added can receive such a report.

Reports can be generated both at a Provider as well as a Tenant level. RBAC policies specify what can be shown in these reports based on the role of the user who is setting up the Report.

In all organizations, there are management personnel who are not operationally involved in running the A10 services but want to get an overview daily, weekly or for other time intervals a summary of what happened in terms of traffic, resources, devices, issues, escalations etc or even to get an inventory of the active services, their performances etc.

You can generate or download reports. Reports are classified as instant or schedule reports.

  • Instant Report

    • Tenant needs to select the report type and durations and the report is generated immediately.

    • These reports can be downloaded and can be deleted.

  • Schedule Reports

    These reports are generated on frequency selected by the tenant.

Information on Reports

Report types that are currently supported are ADC and CGN. Duration that you can select or specify to create a report are 1, 2, 3 or 7 days. Though attaching an action to generating report is optional, it always makes sense to attach the action so that notification is sent by Controller and timely action on the event is taken.

For scheduled reports the frequency can be set to hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Generated reports can be downloaded and it provides a detailed operation analytics report on:

  • Summary and log capture information

  • Alerts and events statistics and top 5 frequent alert information

  • Traffic statistics and top 5 client information

  • Geo traffic summary

  • WAF requests and events graphs

  • Application and server statistics and top 5 application URI information

  • Top 10 application server information

  • Infrastructure and Infrastructure cluster statistics and device statistics

  • Thunder Inventory XFS

Here is a sample report for additional reference Sample Report