Logical Partitions

In a provider level, under provider we have clusters and under cluster we have devices and under devices there will be partition and under partition there will be configurations and that configuration is called logical partition.

Logical Partition represents a Cluster Partition and is created when Provider Admin provisions cluster partitions to a Tenant. Users in Tenant interact with device through Logical Partition.

Logical partitions are made up of one or more Application Services. A Logical Partition must be associated with a Cluster Partition before it can be deployed on a set of Thunders.

Cluster and Partition Relationship Illustration


For information on logical partition refer to Logical Partition and Cluster Partition documentation.

Adding a Logical Partition

To add a logical partition, edit or delete a logical partition follow the below steps:

  1. Select Services > Logical Partitions > + Add Logical Partition in the dashboard to create a logical partition.

  2. Enter the partition name, partition type and application type.

  3. To re-associate a cluster partition, select image_reference and click Edit.

Explore Configuration

  1. Select Services > Logical Partitions in the dashboard.

  2. To explore configuration, select image_reference and click Explore Config. Select the App type for the selected logical partition, the corresponding GSLB, Security, AAM, System or Shared Objects of ADC menu or GSLB, Security, AAM, CGN, System or Shared Objects of CGN menu will show up respectively.


    You can also navigate to explore config by selecting Object Explorer and for additional information refer to Navigating through Object Explorer Logical Partition or Device Partition.

  3. To delete a logical partition, select image_reference and click Delete.