Application Services

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Application services are the smallest unit of configuration on A10 Thunder devices that can be managed independently from Harmony. For example, in case of ADC, combination of a VIP and vPort is an application service.

Thunder has no concept of an Application Service. In a brownfield scenario, when Thunder is fully configured before connecting it to Controller, application services are identified and configured on Thunder devices (or cluster) in the Harmony Controller. These services reach Harmony Controller during the registration process. However, at that time the full service configuration is not available yet.

As part of onboarding a Thunder device to the Controller all the Partitions on the Thunder which are slices of its resource need to be assigned or Provisioned to an owner. An owner for a Partition is a tenant. A Provider needs to provision a partition slice of a device to a Tenant which is also known as Partition-Tenant mapping. When a partition of a device or a cluster of devices is mapped to a Tenant, application services of that partition are imported into the Harmony Controller and assigned to the tenant.

In a greenfield scenario, application services can be created on the Harmony Controller using the Logical Partition configuration. A Logical Partition is conceptually equivalent to the list of configurations when one runs the show running command in a partition on a device.

Since Lightning is a stateless device and does not have management plane in its instance, Harmony Controller manages its services completely. Hence, application services for Lightning ADC are always initiated from the Controller.

Application services are under Tenant scope and can be managed by Tenant Admins. A tenant account can have any number of application services of any type.

Currently following types of application services are supported in Harmony Controller:

  • Thunder ADC

  • Thunder CGN

  • Thunder GiFW

  • Thunder GTP-FW

  • Thunder SSLi

  • Lightning ADC

Separate Harmony Apps are available for managing each type of application service. In this version, some Harmony Apps (Thunder ADC, Lightning ADC, Thunder SSLi) provide both analytics and configuration facility for the application service. Other Harmony Apps provide only application service analytics for now.

App Service Groups

While application service is the unit of configuration and represents a microservice, many customers visualize a group of microservices as an application and want to manage a group of applications together. In case there is a need to look at application service analytics together for the application service group. Some configurations or policies may also be shared among the application services of the group.

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