App Service Group

Displays all the app service group defined for the app service and on expansion you will be able to see all the app services inside the app service group and each describes the role of the app service.

Specific types of Solutions that involve adding of multiple App Services and represent a higher level, more Application centric use case for management, collective visibility, and troubleshooting have been introduced as App Service Group. There will be a single Harmony App for managing such a solution and can be composed of multiple types of App Services.

All Harmony level Service management is through App Services or App Service Group. If a user does not have any need to configure or analyze any of the A10 services using Harmony, they do not need to use App Services or Harmony Apps.

Creating a New App Service Group

To create a new app service group, follow the below steps:

  1. Click Services > Applications > Create New.

  2. In the App service group panel, select the type from the drop-down list, enter the group name and description is optional.

  3. In the Add App Services panel, select the app services and click Save.

  4. To edit a app service group, select image_reference and click Edit.

  5. To delete a app service group, select image_reference and click Delete.

Assigning App Service Group

To assign an App service group, select Services > App Services > select : and click Assign App Srv Group from the particular app. For information on assigning the app service group, refer to App Service Group.