App Service Listing

It is recommended that you read the following topic before proceeding.

App service listing page in Harmony Portal provides inventory of all application services under a tenant. By default only active app services are listed. However a toggle switch at the top allows to list all the app services. When number of app services are too many, search provided at top-right of the page helps quickly finding the desired app service by name.

The page has a section for each app service type. Each row in the section represents an app service instance of the type. Name of Thunder cluster partition and logical partition is also given for each app service.

Cluster partition is the L3v partition of the Thunder cluster on which the app service is hosted. Logical partition is the place from where the configuration of the app service can be managed.

Accessing App Service Listing Page

  1. Log in to Harmony Portal as a user who has access to the tenant.

  2. From the menu select Services > App Services.

Changing App Service Name

Display name of the app service can be changed in the Harmony Portal. This does not change the App Service ID that is used to uniquely identify the app service.

  1. Access App Service Listing page

  2. Search for the app service that you want to rename.

  3. Hover over the ellipsis (three dots) at the end of row displaying the app service instance.

  4. From the pop-up menu that opens on hover, select on ‘Rename’ menu item. Another pop-up with the required configuration items will open.

  5. Edit the display name in the pop-up.

  6. Click on Update button to save the change or click Cancel to discard.

Launching the App

To launch the app (only if the apps the installed and available under Apps > Installed Apps) follow the steps below:

  1. Select Services > App Services > Launch App from the particular app (Thunder ADC, Lightning ADC, Thunder CGN, GI Firewall).

  2. To rename an App service, select Services > App Services, select image_reference and click Rename from the particular app.


Searching App Service Instances

  1. Select Services > App Services.

  2. Select image_reference and click Assign App Srv Group from the particular app. For more information on assigning the app service group, refer to App Service Group.