Microservices Status

The Harmony Controller dashboard provides user detailed information about the micro services running in an A10 Controller. The dashboard displays information such as the Service Status, internal IP address of the service, and the state of service whether it is Up or Down.

These information helps the user to monitor and debug. For example, if any service is down, then it is marked in Red, for which the user can check the corresponding logs and find the root cause for the service to go down.

The figure below is the A10 Harmony Controller dashboard.


Microservice Information


The Micro Service dashboard provides the detailed information of each micro-service running on A10 controller. This dashboard provides information such as Ports, Protocol used, and the IP on which the service is up. The user can also run the APIs to fetch the above metadata information. This metadata information helps the operator to set-up the required ports and provides protocol information.

The figure shows the list of micro-services running in the A10 HarmonyTM Controller at the given instance. When clicked on Micro Service Dashboard drop down the list appears as shown.

When an individual service is clicked from the list then the UI shows the detailed information for that specific service. For example, when message-bus is clicked from the list then the dashboard displays the Instance IP and the Port information for message-bus micro services.

Similarly, when any other service is clicked from the list the information relevant to those micro-services are displayed. The figure below shows the detailed information for Config Manager service.