Log Processing Dashboard

Log processing dashboard displays the log processing capacity, log processing rate, capacity usage and log sharing information.

Log Processing Capacity

Displays the actual log processing capacity of Harmony Controller used on average for the selected time period. Also shows the sparkline of actual logs generated versus processed by Harmony Controller which gives an idea of sampling over time.


Log Processing Rate

Displays the time series graph of the rate at which logs are getting processed at Harmony Controller.

Capacity Usage

This chart displays the time series graph of the rate of logs being processed by Harmony Controller for each selected provider of type dedicated or shared. It allows the super-admin to observe if any provider is continuously reaching its allocated rate limit.


Log Sharing

Displays the allocated, shared, and reserved capacity in the form of a pie chart.

  • Reserved: Available capacity is reserved for future use. It can be added to dedicated or shared pool by changing the capacity limit.

  • DEDICATED: Dedicated Capacity is the sum total of all capacities allocated to providers of type Dedicated.

  • SHARED: Shared capacity is all the left over usable capacity not allocated to Dedicated providers. This capacity is shared between all providers based on their instantaneous traffic levels.

The table shows the various providers and the capacity they are allocated both in logs/sec as well as in percentage of total capacity they can use. Note that the shared providers will display the current sharing percentage.