Launching Thunder

Harmony Controller can interoperate with various datacenter and public cloud infrastructure environments to auto-launch and manage a virtual Thunder. Harmony Controller’s ability to interoperate with various cloud infrastructure environments greatly simplify and automate the deployment of a virtual Thunder. The supported infrastructure environments are:

  • VMWare

  • Amazon AWS

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Kubernetes

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The supported functionalities are:

  • On-demand and real time auto-discovery of cloud infrastructure resources

  • Auto-provisioning of Thunder VM or Thunder Container

  • Power On (not applicable for Thunder container in Kubernetes)

  • Power Off (not applicable for Thunder Container in Kubernetes)

  • Delete

  • Automatic day zero configurations - network interface configurations

  • Automatic Thunder registration and licensing

Virtual Devices

A virtual device will be added in Harmony Controller, and a Thunder device will be created in supported cloud or container orchestration platform. This new virtual device will be powered on and once reachability is established, a device object will be created in selected cluster in Harmony Controller. The new device will be automatically registered and checked and marked for management license.


Thunder orchestration via Harmony Controller in IPv6 network is not yet supported.