Infrastructure user interface enables management of physical and virtual Thunder devices. A cluster is a logical container of one or more Thunder devices. In the Infrastructure tab you can create clusters and add devices, and provision these resources to tenants for service deployment.

You can monitor lifecycle state and key resource configuration metrics of deployed devices and execute device license and image upgrade operations. You can also manage device configurations, create and backup configurations.

Harmony Controller supports dynamic instantiation or deploy of vThunder service devices in VMware managed datacenter infrastructure.

Follow these steps for setting-up infrastructure:

Before You Begin

Keep the following information ready as this will be needed to carry out the procedure for adding an existing Thunder device or deploying a new virtual device:

  • User Name and Password

    User name and password of the vCenter user account. Please ensure that the user account has administrative privileges or privileges to read infrastructure resources and deploy virtual machines.

  • Thunder IP address

    IP address of pre-existing Thunder device which Harmony Controller uses to connect with the device.

  • Admin User Name and password

    Thunder administrator user name and password. This needs to be provided on Adding a Cluster or Adding a Device screen.