Configuration Management

The Configuration Management provides the operator options to configure the properties/templates of A10 Controller components such as Welcome Email template for the new users, Log level settings, Root Provider admins, Lightning ADC Images, and the Certificate configuration. These configurations can be configured via dashboard or can be configured via APIs.

Log-level and JWT Properties

On this page, the log collection options can be configured. The HarmonyTM Controller version currently running is displayed. The log options can be set at three levels like INFO, DEBUG, and ERROR. Once the log option is set, logs can be downloaded. Irrespective of the level the collected logs include all information about microservice.


Controller Microservices Logs

For debugging or troubleshooting purposes user can collect logs in Harmony Controller for a single or multi node.

User can collect logs for different category of services (either individual logs or can group all together):

  • Analytics

  • Configuration

  • Controller Platform



In case of multi-node setup, the logs are collected in three tar files. For advance debugging of analytic engine, paste the command snippet provided by the Support Team. You can download the debug file for further investigation.

Email Server

Whenever a new customer is added to the system, A10 sends a welcome email, Activation email with all user credentials or a password reset emails to the existing customers. If there is a need to modify or edit these emails then the user can use this option in the dashboard to configure and edit the email content. The dashboard offers options to configure the Content of the email as shown in the below figure:



The Certificate option allows the user to update or to add a new certificate scheme for portal server(UI). The user is required to provide the FQDN, Server Certificate, Server Key, and CA Certificate information as shown in the figure below.


Network Time Protocol

The Network Time Protocol (NTP) option allows the user to configure one or more Network Time protocol servers. It displays the NTP status along with the Node details.



The following settings are available on the Analytics page.

  • Logs Retention Period: Logs can be retained for 6 hours, 12 hours, or 24 hours.

  • Automatic log-rate: When the automatic log-rate is enabled, Harmony Controller periodically adjusts the log-rate configuration parameter of Thunder devices in ratio of traffic through the devices. By default, the value is True.

  • Metrics Retention Period: Metrics can be retained for 1 Month or 1 Year.

  • Alerts Retention Period: Alerts can be retained for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year.


Click Edit to modify the settings and then click Save to save the changes.


API Server Properties

The following setting is available on the API Server Properties page.

API Inactivity Timeout (Sec.): Set time in seconds that indicates the time after which the API call becomes inactive.

Lighting ADC Images

On this page you can configure Lightning ADC images on Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud.