Alerts and NotificationsΒΆ

Alerts are created to get notified on specific events or triggers in the Controller. Alert appears in the Harmony Controller when such as event occurs. The alert can then be notified to any internal or external user through an email or a webhook. Alerts do not have states. Alerts can be created for device infrastructure, application services running within a device, or about other operational events occurring in the devices registered with Harmony.

In Harmony Controller, you can define an alert condition as a trigger or use pre-defined generic or canned triggers for common conditions. Time-series charts in analytics can be used as alert triggers by adding a threshold. Use one of the following ways to associate a trigger condition to an Alert definition:

  • Custom Triggers: Created from any combination of different metrics available to Harmony Controller.

  • Chart-based Triggers: Created by setting a threshold on a time-series chart on an analytics page.

  • Canned Triggers: Created by using a pre-defined alert condition.

Actions are methods that you use send notifications. The actions can be created once and used while defining the alerts. Actions when added in the alert definition ensure timely action on the event. For receiving email notifications of alerts, it is important that Email Server is configured in the Operator Console.

After creating a trigger or an action, you can use them while defining the alerts. The specified triggers and actions are then applied to the selected resources while defining alerts.

Here is the overall workflow to create an alert: