Provider Tenant Model

A10 HarmonyTM Controller supports the Provider-Tenant architecture to manage their tenants, users, and corresponding applications.

Provider-Tenant Model

The Root provider (also known as root administrator) configures all sub-providers, tenants, and users at the highest hierarchy level or the root level. The Root Provider has permissions to create any number of tenants. Each tenant is entirely independent and cannot access resources (applications and clusters) managed by other tenants.

Hierarchy Levels

The different hierarchy levels in the Provider-Tenant configuration in A10 HarmonyTM Controller include:

  1. Root Provider
    At this level you can add the root-level Sub-Provider(s), Tenant(s) and User(s).
  2. Tenant
    Tenants can add users and specific roles like tenant admin to administer its users.
  3. Users
    Each user will have different roles. For example, a user can be a Tenant Admin and a Tenant User, and also be a root user.

Root Provider Level


The diagram below shows the hierarchy levels that the Root Provider can add:

  1. Tenants
  2. Users