A10 HarmonyTM Controller

The A10 HarmonyTM Controller provides management and analytics for A10 secure application services in multi-cloud environments. The controller supports application services in data centres, public, private and hybrid cloud environments, as well as manages A10 application delivery controller (ADC) instances and other A10 services that implement and enforce policies.


The solution collects, analyzes and reports on traffic flowing through A10 secure application services. The centralized visibility and intelligence derived from per-app analytics greatly increases operational efficiency.

With the A10 HarmonyTM Controller, organizations can efficiently automate deployment and operations of application services, increase operational efficiency and agility, enhance end-user experiences and reduce TCO, simplify the management of distributed application services to dramatically shorten troubleshooting times, receive alerts on performance or security anomalies, improve capacity planning and optimize IT infrastructure and cloud environments.

A10 HarmonyTM Controller Benefits

The A10 HarmonyTM Controller simplifies operations and increases the agility of the operations teams. Infrastructure and application operations teams can centrally manage infrastructure configuration and application policies for A10 Thunder and Lightning application services — such as load balancing, application delivery and web application firewall. Configuration and control can also be automated via APIs and integrated with orchestration systems used within organizations. In addition, the controller provides comprehensive infrastructure and per-application metrics and analytics for performance and security monitoring, anomaly detection and faster troubleshooting.

At high level the benefits include:

  • Faster troubleshooting with more confidence with visibility and analytics for the application traffic and infrastructure
  • Simplified and low effort operations with central configuration and policy management for applications and devices
  • Self service and team agility with Provider-Tenant model
  • Scalable and platform agnostic installation with micro-services architecture and container technology
  • API driven automation with RESTful APIs and plugins

A10 HarmonyTM Controller Capabilities

  • Centralized Management
    • Application Policies
    • Device Configuration
    • Health Monitoring
    • Device SW upgrade
    • Multi-cloud
  • Automation and Self-Service
    • API Driven
    • Hierarchical Tenancy Model
    • Common Policies Applied to Multiple Devices
    • Integrate to Orchestration Systems
  • Visibility and Analytics
    • Per Application
    • Aggregate and per Request metrics
    • Anomalies
    • Alerts