Release Notes


A10 Harmony Controller 4.2.1-p2


Supported versions
A10 Thunder
4.1.4 P3, 4.1.4 GR1
4.1.1 P10
A10 Lightning ADC
4.0.1, 4.1.0, 4.1.0 P2
Harmony Apps
CGN 4.1.4-v2.1, SSLi 4.1.4-v2.1 and GiFW 4.1.4-v2.1
A10 Kubernetes Connector
ICL-2.0.0, ICL-2.0.2

New Features

  1. Ability to upgrade Harmony Controller from 4.2.1 release.
  2. Internal bug fixes for improving stability of Harmony Platform.

Known Issues

Item ID
Due to the issues in Microsoft Edge, Single Sign On (SSO) for editing
application configuration fails. Using Google Chrome is advised for smooth experience.
If time drift between vThunder and Harmony Controller is high,
Device Manager may not display registered vThunder devices.
In case of HA Fail-over, analytics shows the new active device status
even for historical data that belongs to old device.
For vThunder, partition CPU usage is approximate. If only one
partition is there in Thunder device, it may not show the same value as Device CPU usage.
While registering Thunder device to a controller, if the management IP
address is missing, management portal may not open properly.
In 3-node controller deployment, when the node running Thunder
Device Manager (TDM) service goes down, TDM remains unavailable until
the node comes up. In case the node is replaced, please contact support for restoring the TDM.
In some remote cases, while installing Harmony Controller software on
single A10 HarmonyTM Controller 2000 appliance, a harmless message saying ‘No resources found’
may show up. After a few messages, installation will proceed normally and complete successfully.
In a few cases, Harmony Controller may not work as expected when
installed on a VM having multiple network interfaces. It is recommended to
install on the VMs with only one network interface.
In some cases, I/O CPU value of a Thunder device reported in
Harmony Controller may not match with the value reported in Thunder CLI/UI.
New partitions or app services created on Thunder when Harmony Controller
is not reachable from Thunder is not automatically synchronized
with controller. De-registering the Thunder and registering again brings all information to the controller.


We are available at your service on Phone, Email and Web channels:

Phone: 1-888-TACS-A10 (Toll-Free USA & Canada). 1-408-325-8676 (International)