Harmony Apps Platform

Harmony Controller provides centralized analytics through applications featured for registered Thunder devices having (SSLi, CGN and Gi-FW) functionalities. Harmony Apps help admin user to manage and analyze application traffic using the centralized console.

Provider App Catalog

App Catalog provides the list of uploaded Harmony Apps. Root or Provider admin can enable an app and make it available for the Tenants or the current provider. Root admin can only update or delete the App from this section.

For example if a Harmony App (CGN) is successfully added, the CGN app is visible under App Catalog.


User Privileges

User can have Root admin or Provider admin or Tenant admin privileges.

  • Root Admin

    Root admin has the privilege to manage the app life cycle. Root admin can perform the following operations:

    1. Add

    Follow the steps to upload a new app from the App Catalog section:

    • Click on Upload an App to add a new application to Harmony Controller.

    • Select the App Namespace from the drop-down list.

    • Add the app version and browse the downloaded Harmony App package file to upload from the local repository.

    • Add the app description and click Upload.

    1. Enable
    2. Update
    3. Delete
  • Provider Admin

    1. In the App Catalog a provider admin can only enable the Harmony Apps.

Provider App Repo

App repo provides the list of enabled applications.

Click on Go to App link to view the application dashboard.

For example if an Harmony App (CGN) is added, the repository shows the respective app.


User Privileges

  • Root/Provider Admin

    1. The App Repo lists the enabled Harmony Apps for the provider and click on Go to App link to view the application dashboard.
    2. User can disable the application in case does not want to use.