Products Supported

A10 is committed to provide management of all A10 products via A10 HarmonyTM Controller. However, as of now, only ADC products are supported as far as configuration and analytics is concerned.

A10 Lightning ADC

The A10 Lightning Application Delivery Controller (ADC) provides application traffic management, security and per-app analytics for workloads in public, private or hybrid clouds. For more information refer A10 Lightning ADC section in the document.

A10 Lightning ADC alwayes work with A10 HarmonyTM Controller and bring following benefits:

  • Centrally configure and manage policies for applications deployed in data centres or private, public and hybrid cloud.
  • Gain granular per-app analytics across clouds, regions, data centres and devices.
  • Improve agility and efficiency by eliminating the need for IT administrators to set up and configure the per-application infrastructure.
  • Supports top public and private cloud environments, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, OpenStack, VMware, Docker or bare metal servers.
  • Provision security for popular applications, including WordPress, Joomla, Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) and Drupal.
  • Use RESTful APIs to integrate with popular CI/CD tools like Jenkins, SaltStack, Ansible, Chef, Puppet etc. and cloud orchestrators like VMWare VRO, Cisco Clod Centre etc.
  • Scale the control and data planes independently with microservices, and deliver elasticity and analytics functions across the spectrum.

A10 Thunder ADC

The A10 Thunder ADC enables applications to be highly available, accelerated and secure, delivering exceptional performance in a variety of software and hardware appliances. For more information refer Thunder ADC section in the document.

Thunder ADC is available as hardware or virtual appliance and brings following benefits:

  • Advanced server load balancing with customizable server health checks and aFleX L7 scripting.
  • GSLB - Extend load balancing on a global basis to enable worldwide business continuity with faster, localized server responses.
  • SSL offload with Perfect Forward Secrecy with a full cipher suite, including Elliptic Curve, provide SSL offload at the industry’s highest levels.
  • Detailed per-application analytics with A10 HarmonyTM Controller
  • Application delivery partitions offer the highest-density, multi-tenant solutions for customizable policies and appliance consolidation.
  • RESTful APIs and integrations with various infrastructure and networking platforms.